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No matter what location or situation we offer the perfect Sound Recording for your Film, Corporate and Video production. With over 20 years of FILM experience we provide professional Recordings and team ability.

We worked together with:

Jim Broadbend  •  Samuel L. Jackson  •  Ray Stevenson  •  Mehmet Kurtulus  •  Russel Wong •  Matthew Marsh  •  Til Schweiger  •  Jürgen Vogel  •  Adele Neuhauser  •  Peter Simonischek  •  Armin Rhode  •  Henry Hübchen  •  Herbert Knaup  •  Richy Müller  •  Miroslav Nemec  •  Veronica Ferress  •  Franz Beckenbauer,  …. 

We were a part of:

We do sound recording cause WE FEEL SOUND  WE LOVE FILM:

Emotions recorded on location with high class equipment, radiomics and a team of boom swingers. Digital multitrack with mixdown for daylies.


Daily busines:

• Motion Picture
• Featurefilm
• Corporate
• Imagefilm
• 360º


We work worldwide since 1995 (Malaysia, Singapur, Hongkong, Thailand, Ethiopia, Canada, USA, Bolivia, Austria, Schweiz, Itali, France, ..



My name is Oliver Jergis. I am working mostly for Featurefilm, Movies and Corporate since 1995.

My gear is super smal and lightweighted but can record up to 12 Channels. Together with my team i work in the hight mountains above 3000 m or in caves aswell as in the cities as daily busines.


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In combination with my DRONES we also produce high class AERIALS / DRONE FOOTAGE for Movies, Feature Film, Commercials & Imagefilm.


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Located in:

south west GERMANY

Baden-Württemberg, MFG

WhatsAPP  &  Phone

+49 171 1771888


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